Secret Garden

This photoshoot seriously means so much to me. This time last year I almost quit photography, I felt like I wasn't going anywhere, my work was plateauing, and I just didn't feel happy with where I was. After almost every photoshoot I cried and cried (sorry husband) I had wanted to be a photographer literally since I was 3 and now here I was hating the career I had picked and feeling super lost. My sweet, most perfect husband surprised me on my birthday with a ticket to Photo Native-a huge photography workshop here in Utah. He said "go to Photo Native and if after you still don't want to be a photographer then quit and don't look back, but if after you still do well then make it work, keep working hard and do what you love" so short version of the story- I went. And after, I decided that I could do this, and now here I am. I still have so far to go and so much to learn but this was my first ever styled shoot and it's just validation to me that I can do this. I can't thank the vendors who helped make my dream become a reality enough! They are all so talented and if you have a minute I highly suggest checking out their work! And to all my clients who put so much trust in me and my work, I am truly so grateful, this wouldn't even be possible without all of you! 

Florals: @baileyjofloraldesign

Hair: @llauralloveshair

MUA: @katielivingston1

Models: @kikicait and @nicrosenbaum

Location: @theloftstudio.lehi 

baylie longenecker