Laney + Brandon Wedding

My sisters wedding planning was CRAZY to say the least. Originally she ordered her dress from China and when it came it was NOT what she was expecting! She ended up finding another dress from KSL only to have it be too big for her, she bought it anyway with the intention of getting it altered but then later finding out that it couldn't be!! So again she found ANOTHER wedding dress, yes that's right my sister bought not ONE not TWO but THREE wedding dresses (insert all the laughing emojis here) we did bridals only a few days before her wedding and of course the day we planned on doing it (which was the only day that happened to work for both of us) it started to storm and rain and the wind was crazy-in the end though it all worked out. She looked gorgeous and we made the storm work to our advantage. I wasn't her wedding photographer but of course I had to take some detail pics from her gorgeous reception.

Hair and Make up: Katie Peatross

Cake: Marianne Longenecker 

Flowers: Zoe Heward & Tanya Melton 

baylie longenecker